I am so proud to be a member of CF… it has truly changed my life and the community just rocks! What you guys have put together is so wonderful!
My wife asked me the other day why I get up at 4:30 a.m. to crossfit. I told her it’s because: I have met so many cool people, I like running/swimming with my kids and not getting out of breath, I like buying smaller pants, I’ve gotten good at adding holes to my belt, I like the new foods that we eat, I like feeling stronger and better, I need it like a drug, I feel as though I will let my friends down if I don’t get out of bed, I like the way the chalk cakes on my calloused hands, I like doing squat cleans with my three year old, I like feeling like an athlete, I like to bring change because I have been changed, and after countless burpees and wallballs and pull ups and 35 pounds lost I like being me.
Thanks Erin for letting me join your 9am class today. Had a great time meeting your athletes, very welcoming! Would love to see any of you stop by Flatirons CrossFit if you’re ever in Boulder, Colorado. P.S. Cindy if one of my favorites!! Getting to do mini-cindy is even better!