Class Descriptions

WOD (Workout Of the Day)

This is our standard group CrossFit style class. Athletes attending this class have a basic fundamental understanding of the CrossFit movements and consistently demonstrate safe technique. Classes are instructed by CrossFit Level 1Certified coaches who will assist with scaling options, and maintain a safe environment for our AZO athletes. Our work ethic in this class is simple: technique first, then consistency, then intensity. The WOD classes begin with a warm-up, usually include a skill/strength element, and finish with metabolic conditioning (met-con).


This is a legit Yoga class for the CrossFitter in need of extra mobility work, or just to get all bendy. Virginia is your instructor, an active athlete at the box and a truly gifted Yogini.

Open Gym

Open gym is semi-supervised training for current matriculated (passed/tested out of fundamentals) athletes to practice and train at their own pace. This is for the athlete with specialized goals (i.e. strength, olympic lifts, upcoming competition), or for athletes looking to make up a missed WOD. This is not for the brand new athlete in need of help with basic CrossFit movements.

Olympic Lifting (Oly Class)

The focus of this class is on training the two Olympic lifts - snatch and the clean and jerk, and the variants of each. Special attention is given to Oly specific technique and mobility, and how these lifts translate functionally to CrossFit. Don¹t forget your weightlifting shoes!

CrossFit AZO Kids/Teens (Kids/Teens)

This our CrossFit class designed specifically for youth. See a detailed description of our youth training offered here.