Wonderful community and supportive coaching. Teaches good form and gives CrossFit a good name.


A fantastic group of people and coaches makes the pain of CrossFit *almost* worth it! :D Seriously, though, they are very beginner friendly and will do all they can to keep you safe and progressing. If you are doing something incorrectly, they will stop and help you to make sure you don’t hurt yourself and will scale things so that you can continue to develop and improve. They also offer other classes than just the standard CrossFit offerings if you wanted to focus on mobility, or Olympic weightlifting, all included in your membership. CrossFit is pricier than the $10/mo gyms around town but I look at it like hiring a personal trainer to train multiple times a week would well exceed the cost of membership here AND you wouldn’t have the opportunity to make as many friends along the way. Whether you are already fit, or hope to be one day, you can be sure the team at CrossFit AZO will help you get there. Just remember, it never gets easier... you just get faster and stronger!


Dropped in for a Friday class while visiting family and everyone was super friendly & welcoming from the moment I walked in until I left. After learning what they require of all members starting out with CrossFit, I would definitely recommend them for all athletes of all levels/abilities who are looking for a gym to belong to.


Best place to keep you motivated. The coaches care about you and your goals. The people are friendly and want to say hello and get to know you. Going is always a challenge – I think that’s why I enjoy it so much!! It shows me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Thanks CrossFit AZO. You helped push me and continue to push me!!!

Thanks, Erin, for letting me join your 9 a.m. class today. Had a great time meeting your athletes, very welcoming! Would love to see any of you stop by Flatirons CrossFit if you’re ever in Boulder, Colorado. P.S. Cindy is one of my favorites!! Getting to do mini-cindy is even better!


I am so proud to be a member of CrossFit… it has truly changed my life and the community just rocks! What you guys have put together is so wonderful!


I’ve been a member for a while and AZO has become my “third place...” not just a gym, but an awesome community. I’ve visited several other CrossFit affiliates over the years, and nothing compares to AZO... great space, plenty of equipment, knowledgeable coaches, and best of all, the most supportive people, regardless of how fit (or not) you are.


My wife asked me the other day why I get up at 4:30 a.m. to CrossFit. I told her it’s because: I have met so many cool people, I like running/swimming with my kids and not getting out of breath, I like buying smaller pants, I’ve gotten good at adding holes to my belt, I like the new foods that we eat, I like feeling stronger and better, I need it like a drug, I feel as though I will let my friends down if I don’t get out of bed, I like the way the chalk cakes on my calloused hands, I like doing squat cleans with my three year old, I like feeling like an athlete, I like to bring change because I have been changed, and after countless burpees and wallballs and pull ups and 35 pounds lost I like being me.


Crossfit AZO has a well-laid-out facility for most any CrossFit need. There are separate rooms for WODs, extras, and even OLY platform stations. The community is positive while maintaining a competitive/motivating atmosphere. The coaches are knowledgeable about programming and stood out with their mobility assessment seminars I happened to overlap with. Highly recommended.


There are so many class offerings available at Crossfit Azo from fundamentals to yoga to barbell club in addition to work out of the day. The coaches are caring and focused on the athlete achieving their personal goals. They are very attuned to the needs of each athlete and often come and make corrections to ensure you are doing the movement safely and correctly. Even the most experience Crossfitter is corrected if something is not right. The gym community is great. Members are friendly and before you know it you have thirty new friends. If I ever have to move I'm not sure I'd ever be able to replace Azo with another box.